Who we are

Glow Initiative for Economic Empowerment is a non-governmental organization that is set up to harness the economic potentials of communities. It seeks to tackle economic problems such as unemployment, poverty and climate change through exploiting and utilizing raw talents and resources of communities and through education to curb climate illiteracy. Our whole goal is to boost the economic development of Nigeria by pioneering investments in SMEs creation and training, agriculture and renewable energy.


In 2013 our founder discovered 200 widows who were languishing in hunger and poverty in Shao, a small community in north central Nigeria. In this community, there was abundance cassava plantations which lie in waste and a lot of ignorance. She wondered why there was so much poverty in the midst of plenty. Inspired by the fact that this situation could get better than it is, she constructed a large cassava processing factory for the women, taught them cassava processing procedures such as how to produce starch from cassava, how to make the local staple food ‘Garri’ and Climate smart methods of cassava cultivation. The women previously burnt cassava peels which contributes to Climate change. They were taught measures of converting cassava peels to animal feed. This led to the economic development of this community by providing food and means of livelihood for them and at the same time combating Climate Change. Encouraged by the success of the intervention, Glow Initiative for Economic Empowerment was birthed as a platform to tackle economic problems and reach more poor people through pioneering agribusiness initiatives to curb hunger, unemployment and poverty while also spreading and promoting awareness of Climate Change.


Our mission is to tackle economic problems such as youth unemployment, poverty and climate change through our agribusiness programs and our climate Smart Nigeria initiative to attain a sustainable Climate Smart economy with electricity, jobs and reduced poverty.”

Our Values

Economic development
Our whole goal is to improve the economic development of Nigeria by pioneering projects that will create employment, promote a climate smart nation thereby tackling poverty and curbing Climate Illiteracy
Environmental focused
To attain a sustainable environment is our very passion. Because no development is sustainable when the very air we breathe is unclean, hence we take the matters of the environment very seriously. We imbibe the the culture of environmental sustainability in all our programs
One of our deepest values is honesty. We want to promote transparency and accountability in the work that we do in order to encourage increased partnerships and collaboration whilst building trust.
Integrity is our watchword. We want members of the society to see us for who we are and what we stand for. We work for the people thereby hold them dear to our heart. All our programs encourage participation, and as a result, we ensure to lead by example by keeping our words because we want to gain the trust of the society where we work.
Excellence is key in the work that we do. We strive to ensure that all our activities are embedded on excellence in order to achieve our goal of being the best organization running with the vision of developing the economy of our nation.
We pioneer initiatives that will stand the test of time and can be replicated. Because if the idea is not sustainable then there’s no need to do it. We ensure that our work benefits the present generation and can be continued by the ones to come.
Dedication is the key to everything we do. Because our work involves the betterment of our country, we are sure to give in our all at all times in order to maintain excellence and be outstanding at all times.
We realize the importance of the work that we do leading change and advocating for a better Nigeria through our various initiatives. For this we remain professional at all times because we want people to recognize our place and what we stand for at first encounter.
Diversity is us and we are diversity. This means that we don’t let tribe, religion or culture to stop or determine the work that we do. We are for all Nigerians and work to improve togetherness through our work. For us its ‘ one for all, all for one’.