IMG-20160618-WA0040   Voice for Wildlife Advocacy Campaign is an advocacy group of Glow Initiative for Economic Empowerment set up to combat illegal trade, poaching, smuggling or killing of wildlife. Its whole goal is to advocate for the protection of endangered species and conserve biodiversity through education, online campaigns, peaceful movements etc.
Glow Initiative for Economic Empowerment hosted a one day training workshop for young leaders of development and civic organizations titled ‘Conserving Biodiversity; Protecting Endangered Species….Go Wild for Life’ to commemorate the United Nations World Environment Day.
During this event, 35 young leaders formed this advocacy group as part of the break out session activity given to them. They took a pledge to serve as wildlife protection ambassadors and agreed to lead their lives taking action to combat illegal trade of wildlife.
VFWAC is a youth group and we invite everyone from diverse backgrounds to become ambassadors of wildlife protection by joining our advocacy group to lend a voice against illegal trade, poaching, smuggling and killing of wildlife which the African parlance.. is known as ‘Bushmeat’. At this time, 131 young leaders of development and Civic initiatives have joined this movement and have signed our pledge to protect wildlife.
The Goal and Objectives of this advocacy group is outlined below;
  1. To eliminate wildlife ignorance
  2. Kick against poaching
  3. To advocate for wildlife policy
  • Establishment of biodiversity clubs in schools
  • To have peer education training for students and teachers
  • Family education and organizing community outreaches
  • Leverage on social media to promote awareness
  • Creating short documentaries on wildlife protection
  • Empowering community security against poaching
  • Attaching incentives for people who rescue wildlife
  • Creating means of adequate communication with stakeholders
  • Regular review of environmental laws in order to stay up to date with environmental information
You too can join this positive movement. What will you do as a member?;
  • Take the pledge below
  • Like our Facebook page HERE
  • Invite your friends to like our page
  • Read and share all our posts
  • Write and post articles concerning the subject matter on our page
  • Use our goals and objectives above as guide and send us pictures
  • Save an endangered animal
  • Educate students in schools about the importance of our cause and share your pictures to feature on our website
  • Report incidence of illegal poaching, smuggling or business transaction of wildlife that you observe
  • Spread the word. Share the message of our cause to your family, friends and everyone within your area of influence
  • Take pictures of all your activities and send to us.
Take the Joint Declaration pledge below to get started