Earth Book junior

for Junior Secondary Schools

Earth Book Senior

for senior secondary schools

Something is Happening; Our world is changing; Understanding the basics of Climate Change
For Junior and Senior Secondary Schools
This is an illustrated book written specifically to increase and enhance the knowledge of secondary school students on Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change and its impacts, as well as teach them simple adaptation and mitigation methods they can practice at home. This curricular was developed using resources from world’s leading climate educational institutions. The text books, divided into Junior and Senior Secondary versions, is illustrated accordingly for speed comprehension. It’s an educative book that tells the story of Climate Change. A must read for all secondary school students.
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Earth Book Adult2 The Concept and Science of Climate Change; What you need to know
Extreme rain, scorchy sun, drought in northern Nigeria, increase in violence – the earth’s global Climate is changing. This book discusses the very basics of the science of climate change to enable the reader understand the concept and learn the role they must play. It’s written specifically in simple language to address the adult public on the menace of Climate Change. Its part of our National Climate Awareness Program whose goal is to increase and promote awareness about the impacts and economics of Climate Change. Purchase this book on amazon HERE
51pnNNrgb3L._UY250_ The Year Ran Mad; An Educative short thriller story to demonstrate the impacts of climate change on livelihood
This book brings on a practical aspect of the impact of Climate Change, demonstrated using a story about a village. In the story, Emeka had never experienced the kind of frightening extreme changes that affected his entire community. He concluded the gods must be angry with him and the villagers. Read this book to find out how this strange experience affected him and all others in the community. Purchase this book on amazon HERE
41X5aIqVDZL._UY250_ The Girl Who Saw Tomorrow; The Reality
What have we done to our world? A young high school student is blessed with a great intuition to see ahead of time a great danger that will affect the whole world. Will her family and school principal agree with her? Read this book to find out. Purchase this book on amazon HERE