The Problems
Throughout many towns and villages in Africa, there is little to no access to power, clean water, clean energy cook stoves, and power tools for increasing work efficiency and productivity. Additionally, there is a lack of education on health care, improving livelihoods, environmental preservation, and other important societal development issues, all of which must be inter-twined with product and service solutions in order to provide true and lasting impact to the People and create a more wonderful Africa for all.
Our Solution
We will operate Community Centers throughout Nigeria as the Platform to deliver product, service, and educational solutions to entire Villages and Towns, providing affordable access to:
 Solar lighting kits for homes to use in place of health-harmful kerosene burning.
 Solar-charged power equipment for farming and other jobs will be available according to the needs of each community.
 Clean energy cookstoves to reduce deforestation, wildlife habitat destruction, and gender-based violence against women during firewood collection
 With TV and wifi access, our Centers will become a social gathering place that provides the perfect opportunity for Educating the People as to why Clean Energy are so important for their health and their environment, how power tools can increase their productivity and livelihood, and provide the platform to deliver additional powerful societal development education