Nigeria (1)   SOLAR UP NIGERIA (SUN)
Promoting the use of Renewable cleaner energy is one of the major ways to combat Climate Change. The honorable minister of environment states and I quote “We need to adopt Renewable energies rather than the continued use of fossil fuels”. Solar energy is not only clean and abundant but it’s  sustainable. It’s a real solution to climate change and can significantly reduce emissions, boost the economy, Improve the power sector and create employment. Solar up Nigeria (SUN) is the second stage of the Green Project. Following the awareness creation of climate change in Nigeria, Nigerians are now ready to embrace other solutions which would help reduce climate change.
GOAL; To promote the use of Renewable Energy resources especially Solar Energy to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, create employment for the Nigerian unemployed youths and improve the Power Sector.
  • To conduct an annual training of young Nigerians across the six Geo-political zones between the ages of 20-35 years on 1). Solar Electric Technology 2). Solar Electrification and 3). Entrepreneurship which would empower them to be Solar entrepreneurs.
  • To establish the Green Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria for the beneficiaries of SUN
  • To host the Green Entrepreneurs Summit/Expo

PROJECT DESCRIPTION ; To promote the use of cleaner energy and create employment Glow Initiative for Economic Empowerment introduces Solar Up Nigeria (SUN) on several value chains of Solar Technology to build Solar entrepreneurs. As a follow up mechanism and to monitor progress, we will form an association for the beneficiaries to give them a platform to network, exchange knowledge and market their skills. We will host an annual Green Entrepreneurs Summit/Expo to exhibit the products, services and highlight the success of our beneficiaries.
TRAINING: We would partner with the private sector and Energy institution to conduct the training. A call for applications after which qualified applicants would be selected to participate. The trainings is planned build the capacity of the participants in the six (6) major Solar Energy value chains such as Designing/Developing, Production, Installation Engineers, Marketers and Distributors etc. As an outcome they might; Design and size up systems and sell to manufacturers, Pay for it to be manufactured for them, Produce themselves, Supply electricity through micro grids, Distribute solar solutions, Provide installation and maintenance services.
PITCH COMPETITION AND GRADUATION; during the last week of the training we would organize a pitch competition where participants will pitch their ideas and present their designs to investors and professionals in the solar energy fields. We hope to work with the federal government through the Ministry of environment and ministry of Power to provide startup capital for the graduates. We plan to work with General Electric and African Sustainable Energy Association to provide internship opportunities to the beneficiaries. The graduates would receive their certificate of completion.
ESTABLISH GREEN ENTREPRENEURS ASSOCIATION Of Nigeria (GEAN) As a follow up mechanism, we would create Green Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria for the solar entrepreneurs with the aim of engaging the beneficiaries, monitor progress, ensure sustainability. They could meet at agreed periods of the year to discuss progress, challenges, opportunities in the sector, recent trends and way forward.
GREEN ENTREPRENEURS SUMMIT AND EXPO We would work with our partners and the Green Entrepreneurs Association to host an annual Green Entrepreneurs Expo. This would create a platform for all the Association members from different Geo-political zones to meet and network, exchange knowledge and market their skills. We would use the opportunity to exhibit the products, services and highlight the success of our beneficiaries.