green-schoolNational Climate Change Awareness Program (NCCAP) seeks to support the full implementation and integration of the Paris Agreement by creating and increasing awareness about Climate Change in Nigeria through the Educational sector and the New media. We intend to work with all secondary schools in Nigeria reaching them with the Climate information and engaging them constructively. This project’s whole goal is to spread public awareness about Global Warming beginning from Secondary schools in Nigeria and using the media as a tool.   The following are other programs in this platform
  1. Green Week and Climate Online Campaign – The GWCOC creates and promotes the awareness of Climate Change through the new media. The Green week and Climate online campaign is an annual online program that holds on the last one week before the World Environmental day (30th May to 5th June).
  2. Green Guild School Initiative – We have written an illustrated Climate Change Education textbook titled “Something is Happening; Our world is changing; Understanding the Basics of Climate Change” This book was written particularly for secondary school students with the aim to build, increase and sustain their knowledge of the menace.
    • It includes stories and art for easier comprehension.
    • It also includes several simple activities that reduces greenhouse gas emissions that readers can practice weekly.
    • Quarterly activities that the students will undertake.
    green club logoThe Green Guild School Initiative was set up to ensure that CLIMATE CHANGE AMBASSADORS (trained secondary school students) are engaged in a sustainable way. We establish Green Guild clubs for the students to serve as an incubation where they will discuss the illustrative book once a week and get involved with the Green club activity plan included in the book. Other books written for awareness are – The Concept and Science of Climate Change, The Year Ran Mad, The Girl who saw Tomorrow. Our Director was challenged to make a research and write theses books for this awareness program because of the dangers of the impacts of Climate Change which is already being seen in Nigeria. All four books was carefully researched and particularly written to suit – Primary school students, secondary school students, university students and the general public. We think that every one should know about this information in detail and what role they must play. See all the books HERE
      3 Climate Ambassadors Network – Here we train and mentor a select group of passionate youths to become climate leaders who will take the         message of climate change in their respective areas of influence using our illustrative book as a tool. We are currently seeking Climate         Ambassadors who will join us to spread the message of environmental protection round Nigeria.       4. Climate Aware Teachers Training Program – This program will train teachers in the schools where we would work. Teachers are very important aspects of information dissemination and guide to students. There’s low awareness among teachers. We want to correct that by building the capacity of the teachers so that they can be aware about the menace and to serve as guide to the Ambassadors.