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Climate Ambassadors Network is a group of individuals who are passionate about the environment and willing to promote the learning and awareness of climate change in their communities using their platforms. The ambassadors will be selected, trained, mentored and equipped with resources with which they’ll use to train others in their areas of influence. This select group of passionate youths will become climate leaders and will take the message of climate change in their respective areas of influence using some of the  resources we will provide as a tool. We are currently seeking Climate Ambassadors who will join us to spread the message of environmental protection round the world.
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 Objectives and scope of Initiative

Climate change is already having severe impacts in the world and especially on livelihoods in Nigeria, such as crop production, livestock production, fisheries, forestry and post-harvest activities, because the rainfall regimes and patterns are altered, floods which devastate farmlands and damage infrastructure have occurred severally, increase in temperature and humidity have led to an equal increase in pest and disease surge etc. Tales of extreme drought is told in the north and currently 5 million lives are at the risk of displacement due to the depletion of the Lake Chad. Climate Ambassadors Network seeks to connect, build and mentor the next generation of environmental enthusiasts, offer them access to resources to further climate action in their communities.


To connect environmental enthusiasts globally to promote climate action.


To be able to achieve CAN’s mission, the following activities were formulated
  • Operate a Facebook home group to serve as meeting space for all ambassadors where educational resources, trainings and online engagements will hold.
  • Organize a quarterly Climate Ambassadors Fellowship for young people.
      The Climate Ambassadors fellowship will be targeted at persons who are passionate about the environment or seek to learn how to contribute to climate action. Those who currently have no experience relating to climate change but will love to be a part of the team will be encouraged to apply. Participants could be in secondary school, university students and members of the wider community such as start-ups, industry leaders, entrepreneurs etc.As an ambassador, their role will be to educate, create awareness, advocate for a policy change etc, in their areas of influence.
The ambassadors will carry out 2 climate resilience project in their community and give a feedback of project completion and impact including pictures and videos. We will provide the ambassador with a special training on the concept of climate change and principles of climate communication, an online work tool to guide them in developing their programs or projects.
We will also give a certificate of achievement to all participants
  • Champion a bi-monthly campaign to drive advocacy on a selected issue on social media especially twitter e.g. influencing policy on climate change in the Nigerian government (an example of such is the Not too young to run campaign), lending our voice to trending issues (an example is the current portharcourt soot), these can be done through twitter chats inviting a popular speaker to talk on the issue and then have all ambassadors participate and tweeting with the chosen hashtag. Tweet at, or respond to all tweet relating to issues that are related to environmental protection. (We already have one in mind ‘Operation #HoldYourDirt’ which came up during our meeting on Saturday when one of us mentioned her purse has a few candy wrappers in it and another confirmed his bag having same, so the idea came to campaign and encourage people to hold their dirt instead of littering the environment with it. We can have people share images of dirt they held that would have otherwise been thrown about to litter the environment. This can spur up a lot of positive emotions. It is a tweet campaign we can carry out to advocate for a cleaner and pollution free environment). That way we can increase our credibility and make our voice heard.
  • Hold a monthly #CAN Challenge where a question or trivia is posed to the network members and the winner gets small prize. It could be a statement of a problem and the person with best answer wins. It could also be a writing contest on prevalent climate issue or something related. Prizes will range from a website feature, newspaper feature (Huffington post and the likes) (we are open to more ideas for what the virtual prizes could be).
  • Officiate CAN Ambassador of the month. This will be a monthly profiling of a young person who have been outstanding in the network or outside in the fields of Climate resilience. The portal will be open on the 15th of every month for both network members and outsiders to nominate people. Selected person will be featured on the group and our social media platform as a leader of change.
  • We will have a bi-weekly Facebook live presentation by one of the executives or an invited speaker on a selected topic such as Greening Your Home, Engaging the public on Climate Change, Sustainable cities/Engineering, Switching to Clean and Renewable Energy etc.
  • Announcing / recommending a short online course for the week for network members to participate in and use to train others. Sharing of write-ups and educational articles on the group that will promote climate action.
  • Job, mentorship, volunteer, grant, and fellowship opportunities will be announced regularly on the group to provide those opportunities to the group members. Executives will also offer recommendations and/or hold a LIVE section on how to answer a fellowship question etc, or details of a succeeding in a job interview etc.