The Agri-Smart initiative seeks to train women and youths on the various value chains of agribusiness ranging from crop and animal farming such as fish farming, plantain production, fruits and vegetable garden and many more, and also build their capacity on Climate Smart Agriculture practices in order to combat Climate change and reduce its impacts on agriculture. This is our effort to reduce unemployment amongst youth, create green entrepreneurs, tackle poverty and ensure food security. Our first pilot trained 200 women on how to grow, harvest, process the staple food ‘ cassava ‘ while imbibing the culture of Climate Smart Cultivation in them. We look to invest in more staple food and animal farm production, reaching more youth and women and reducing massive poverty.


Annual Programs Agri-Smart Training program smart-agric1Here we conduct training for women and youth on several value chains in agriculture which increasing their capacity for Climate Smart Agriculture. We train on the following:
  • Fruit and vegetable farming
  • Poultry
  • Plantain production
  • Fish farming
We also train participants on:
  • Farm Set up
  • Export procedure
  • Mentorship and guidance